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Martin L·Mintz is Mintz & Started. In 1990, Geftic and Stanley L.Geftic established Martin in cooperation with Martin. From soccer competitors at New Jersey High School to fraternity brothers at Rutgers College, Stanley and Martin worked together for the working men and women. In 2015, Brian H.Mintz joined the company as a partner with experience in business lawsuits and class behavior. This led to the expansion into New York City. Today, Mintz &Geftic provides expertise in fighting for customers in both New Jersey and New York. Mints & Amplifiers; Geftic is fully up-to-date with facilities and equipment, but always maintains the key philosophy that clients are the most important asset in the enterprise. We have experienced staff, who have been working for the company since the company was established. Our staff is loyal to our company and dedicated to serving our customers.

Established in 1990


Our lawyers have more than 100 years of experience representing victims of automobile accidents, slipping, defective products and serious injuries at dangerous construction sites. We have a broad range of expertise in personal injury, labor compensation, medical malpractice, business conflicts, wage and time violations, and class-action litigation. We care and respect our customers and want all our attorneys and support staff to be satisfied. Our partner is directly involved in all cases. One of the partners is always in the office during business hours to respond to emergencies. We will deal with all the phones right away.

I'm Mintz & Founder and Management Partner. Geftic, LLC has been working as a lawyer in New Jersey since 1972.   I mainly represent hard-working men and women in New Jersey who were victims of injuries and corporate greed.

As I grew up, I was greatly honored by the diligent people.   My father had a small luncheon in Newark. He worked from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 7th of the week. I worked in the factory from high school to high school, I went to Rutgers College for many years, I worked in the U.S. Army Reserve, I went to law school in New York, and I worked as soon as I made a family. I am Mintz & I feel deep respect and bond with the industrious people that Geftic is.
The value of the
With the cooperation of two highly acclaimed partners, experienced lawyers, and full-time staff, we'Mintz & We have built and developed. The Geftic is a small business that can do a lot.

Martin M.
business owner