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&Drakman;Hernandez has received a high reputation for customer communication and attorney accessibility. The company believes it will return emails and phone calls on the same day it receives them. Customers always have direct access to lawyers. Druckman & Hernandez, the client speaks to the real lawyer as well as the secretary. Our lawyer can meet a hospital client. The company's lawyer is proficient in Spanish. We are committed to actively expressing our customers' interests and delivering results. The company works with a wide range of qualified professionals to ensure that the best results are achieved for the customer. The company succeeded in collecting millions of dollars on behalf of its customers. Druckman & Experience the aggressiveness, integrity and commitment that is the foundation of. Hernandez.

Established in 1996


&Dracman; The PC is working hard on Hernandez to prevent people from suffering damage to accidents and employers. We focus on cases that include personal injury litigation, compensation for workers, product liability, site responsibility, job responsibility, and employment discrimination. We actively serve Essex, Union, Mercer, Hudson, and Midlessex counties. We are proud to judge our success by giving our customers justice and financial rewards in order to mitigate their pain and suffering. We have received millions of dollars in settlement and donations for our customers. An insurance company has already been working for you after being injured in an accident. You need someone to work on your side right away and protect your own interests. Phone: 908 353-5850

Jonathan Druckman' for over 30 years The law has been applied to all areas of personal injury litigation, including: Injuries resulting from automobile accidents, overturning accidents, construction accidents, and defective products include medical malpractice insurance claims, labor insurance claims, and employment discrimination cases.

Druckman has been certified as New Jersey Super Alcohol for the past 10 years as an amp;nbsp; Only the top five percent of New Jersey lawyers are selected as super lawyers. This selection process is where any attorney in New Jersey is a sophisticated peer recognition &

Druckman, an independent company that determines whether has achieved that, has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil court lawyer since 1996. To obtain certification, a lawyer must show his extensive and substantial experience as a lawyer. We succeeded in a strict examination. and recognized by his companions,

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