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He was a former prosecutor and accused with more than 35 years of criminal trial experience. I am Anthony N, a detective lawyer in New Jersey. Parnbo. After decades of criminal practice, I have managed thousands of cases just like you. My law firm Palumbo, Renault, I'm actively protecting people across Union County and North Jersey. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation on pricing.

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DUI, DWI Loycer, traffic ticket, marijuana, New Jersey criminal lawyer

I am Anthony N. Palumbo & A law firm partner with more than Palumbo35 of trial experience in Renault and Union County, New Jersey courts. As a former county attorney, a city attorney, and a long-term law firm in New Jersey, I know what to expect from judges, prosecutors and police.

Contact a lawyer in New Jersey with DUI/DWI, marijuana - narcotics, traffic violations and crimes.

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